Covid-19 RMO, Day Fifteen


Day Fourteen? Fifteen? : I remember waking up on Monday dead certain that it was Sunday, only to find that I’d skipped a day. I still haven’t figured out where Saturday went, if the real Sunday I thought was Saturday wasn’t actually Saturday.

This morning I left my apartment complex for the first time in fourteen days, to grab some supplies and medication for a nasty skin rash I’ve somehow developed while stuck at home. It gets really humid here in the day and I’m a strong believer that my living room is a little too spacious for just one air-conditioner. The heat also breaks me out in hives and I’ve been slathering steroid ointment all over on the daily.

I go back and forth between loving this slowness and freedom to do as I please (with my time), and a deep restlessness that makes it hard to sleep at night. On a lighter note, I think I’m learning to connect with music again – Something I haven’t been able to do in a really long time. I’ve been really enjoying listening to my favourite tunes and relishing in all the things they make me feel. I feel…alive, for the lack of a better word.

I’m also thinking my next big purchase will be the Roland RD-88, whenever that may be. And then I’ll have to really tighten my belt afterwards to fund my first home. But until then…I’m enjoying my massive struggle at learning how to play the guitar, it being the only instrument I have at my disposal.

If you’ve made it this far – I’ll also be experimenting with a 30-min Instagram Live thing this weekend. My nerves are wrecked because I’ve never done a backing track show alone, ever. I’ve never performed alone without musicians, let alone go live on social media.

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